You move forward when you don’t forget from where you have started


The idea was born by drinking wine at a pintxos in Barcelona and aged grapples on an enoteca in Rome. On our return to Volos, and following a classic tsipouro session in Volos, we agreed: “There is a culture of almost 100 years in Volos and unfortunately is expressed only by 2 or 3 labels of tsipouro and  some”tourist” appetizers. This can’t be possible”. This is how MeZen started. Mezen basis was at 8th Alonissou str, at the ground floor of the historic building of Erofili, in a small narrow street in the center of the city. Its philosophy was the pure tsipouro and the authentic meze. We collaborate with small producers in Pelion and Kissavos for our vegetables, we smoke our own products, we produce pickles and we find the mushrooms, the truffles, the wild greens and the herbs on the mountains.

With stone, wood, metal, an open kitchen and an even more open mind, we go all over Greece, meeting  the distillers and the local producers, drinking with them, exchanging ideas, opinions, traditions and products, which makes us richer and full of excitement to show our new findings to a city that knows nothing less than good tsipouro and meze.

We are also preparing our workshop for our experiments and have already started to produce various products under the label of MeZen and of course our own tsipouro in cooperation with producers of Tirnavos.

Extroversion though, never stops. In the three years of operation, many chefs have visited and cooked for us, both in the store of Volos and Larissa, such as, Dimitris Papporis, Athinagoras Kostakos, George Stylianoudakis, Thodoris Papanikolaou, Michalis Hasikos, Haris Nikolouzos and Nikos Stavrakakis, organizing charity events and cooking degustation menu with mezedes.

We have also visited many “kitchens” such as Bill & Coo in Mykonos, Oozora in Kifissia, and Raki Ba Raki in Rethymnon, showcasing Volos and its philosophy, to Mykonos, Athens and Crete. Our goal is to polish the tradition by building the new tsipouradiko, because we believe that the meze, the tsipouro and the good company, is one of the strongest gastronomic clues our country owns.

Next stop…Larissa and the historic building of the Eustratiadis family and one of the oldest bars in the city, in the triangular square, at 4 Kapodistriou str. Larissa was always a crossroad on the road of distillation and wine, next to Tirnavos, overlooking Mount Olympus where we seek for the local culinary and we present the Greek cuisine along with tsipouro..